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Companies with an employee engagement program enjoy 233% higher customer loyalty
(Aberdeen Group, 2015)

We elevate your business into a culture of success!

Defining Coherence Within Your Organization

A workplace operating in a coherent state is connected emotionally to the same objective. Energize with positivity and resiliency to bring mental clarity, optimal function and unity within your environment.


To begin shifting the energetic coherence of a team, businesses are focusing on greater wellness support for their employees; cultivating a lifestyle shift within the business which employees can embrace and take home. The world is changing, employee’s needs are changing, now is the time to make a shift. Developing a culture of connection and empathy within teams is the first step to creating a holistically successful organization.

Now’s the time to develop employee morale and a loyal corporate culture.


Created entirely for your business, it’s needs, goals and values


Optimize employee health, wellbeing, and productivity with intensive relaxation, education, and rejuvenation.

Luxury & Executive Retreats

Boost camaraderie and instill your top leaders with a renewed sense of pride for their organization.

Adventure/Nature Retreats

Brings your team together while allowing time out of the office for both work and play.

Local & Destination Retreats

Whether it’s one day or seven, local or destination, we can create the program or retreat to satisfy your employees need for fun, learning and connection.

In-office MindBody Services

Convenient and accessible, select from various mindbody services to host in your office space. Employees can schedule time throughout the day to enjoy a recharge.

Workshops & Training

Improve capability, knowledge, productivity and performance with health and wellness training and workshops. Employees will attain transferable skills to enhance their work and home life.

Incentives & Reward Platforms

Encourage or acknowledge great job performance by individuals or groups to increase their happiness and job satisfaction and enhance their quality of life.

Leadership Development

Take your leadership development meetings to a new level by implementing holistic components for team coherence.

Successful work retreats & Programs are an investment into your business, creating substantial gains in the way your business performs for years to come.

Investing in Your Most Valuable Asset

Being the leader in employee health is smart business.

“I was at a stage in my life where I thought it was time to start working on self improvement. Matt and Crystal’s 90 Day (In-Tune To You) Program managed to reconnect me with my inner creator – something that I hadn’t been in tune with for a number of years.

Crystal’s coaching helped me to better myself in a number of areas, while Matt’s sound program had tremendous benefits on my physical and mental health. Crystal was very patient with me in our coaching sessions, and her feedback was always honest.

Sound therapy with Matt is definitely something that breaks you from your comfort zone, but what was great was there was never any judgement from Matt – just love, guidance and encouragement. Sessions on the sound bed helped alleviate soreness from an old sports injury to my neck.

I cannot put into words how deeply grateful I am to the both them for helping me rediscover my zest for creating art. Thank you for everything!”

━ Brandon (filmmaker) ━

“My daughter struggled to speak her truth, lacked in confidence and absorbed negativity to the point her body was collapsing and sick for almost 2 years. I tried everything, changing her diet, connecting with a naturopath, worked with her doctor, who referred us to specialists, nothing seemed to work.

The moment I decided to sign her up with Inner Sound, was the minute our lives changed forever. Matt and Crystal created a warm, safe environment for my daughter to find her voice. Every week they gently peeled back another layer that trapped my daughter and released her negativity, until she was balanced and feeling confident and light.

​Matt and Crystal made it fun, there was no judgement and best of all it gave my daughter the confidence she needed to speak her truth. It changed our whole family to vibrate on a higher frequency and remind ourselves to work out of love and find the courage ans strength to vibrate our inner voice and truth outwards in the most profound and positive ways.

​Thank you for giving my daughter the gifts and tools you equipped her with to find herself again, healing her body, connecting us again and changing our lives forever. I highly recommend working with Matt and Crystal at Inner Sound! Thank you.

━ Ashley (Mother) ━

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