At inner sound we value connection, compassion and transparency, while building a strong culture of creative growth and understanding.

Our Mission

Inner Sound’s mission is to empower businesses to be on the leading edge of employee satisfaction while cultivating a positive and healthy environment for team coherence and growth.

Meet Our Founders

Inner Sound was founded by Crystal and Matthew Nash, a husband-and-wife team; both having worked in corporate have shifted their studies and practices to holistic wellness.

With over 15 years combined event management experience and 10 years of practicing and developing wellness business relations, Crystal and Matthew can help cultivate a business built around positivity, leadership, support and trust.

While serving clients individually they uncovered much of client stress and imbalances stemmed from the workplace. With this knowing they realized, to create the best results stress must be targeted at the source. Connecting with businesses they are able to provide programming that benefits the workplace and home life, allowing for happiness, balance and feelings of purpose and appreciation.

Inner Sound eliminates the dividing line to connect teams on an energetic level.


Co-Owner / Director of Operations
Life Balance Facilitator
Holistic Health Coach


Co-Owner / Creative Director
Mind Body Therapist
Nada Yoga & Hatha Yoga Practitioner

Our Partners

Through the years we have worked, practiced and taught with many individuals from the holistic health community. We have built relationships and friendships with practitioners and coaches that we trust and practice with. Our teams have the expertise and proven results, creating an experience that your employees will be proud to be a part of.

The people we work with are the people we have trusted our personal practice with over the past 10 years.