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Crystal and Matt are a husband and wife team who brought together their individual experiences with self healing and passion for serving others to create Inner Sound.

Inner Sound is a creative health studio working with creatives, artists, musicians, designers, developers and individuals wanting to connect to their truest potential. Offering clients the ability to connect with themselves through sound, frequencies, yoga and coaching, these techniques help reduce stress, increase productivity, positive energy and relaxation, improve pain management, cultivate better creative ideas and offer an improvement of overall health and well-being.

Their mission is to empower clients to be the leading authority of their health and body, and increase confidence in knowing exactly what their body needs and how to provide it.

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Crystal Nash

Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach

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Hi, I’m Crystal! As a Holistic Health Coach and girl mom, I’m passionate about helping women become aware of what their body is truly calling for.

After being diagnosed with postpartum depression and anxiety, holistic modalities became an important part of my daily routine. The way these small, simple steps changed my life and improved my health set me on this career path; keen to help moms find their balance, with joy and grace!

In 2017 I studied with the Health Coach Institute earning my Health Coach certification. Since then I have continued my studies with Precision Nutrition to enhance my knowledge and become a certified Nutrition Coach. Using techniques and research found in brain science, psychology, nutrition, functional medicine and spirituality, my methods offer a holistic understanding of self.

Together with my true love, three lovely little girls and miniature schnauzer named Reverend, we are stirring things up over here in the Golden Horseshoe. I’m excited to be living this journey with you!

“If I could transition the hate, misery, dread and sadness I was feeling and create calm, growth, love and joy into my life, I knew I had to share this with others. Specifically, moms. Moms who are barely holding on some days. They love their children, they want the best, but they’ve lost joy, beauty and themselves along the way.” – Crystal

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Matthew Nash

Yoga & Sound Practitioner

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Matt Nash is a Yoga and Sound Practitioner and a father of three beautiful girls. He is a musician, composer, producer and engineer and co-owner of Inner Sound Creative Studio.

For the past couple years Matt has been exploring the power of sound physically, mentally, creatively, energetically, spiritually and emotionally. Having dealt with anxiety and depression, Matt understands how difficult and longing it can be facing something we don’t quite understand. Matt was able to turn to music as a way to release, unveiling the ancient and newly discovered healing properties of sound, frequency and music.

Years ago, Matt also adapted yoga into his life and realized the deep connection between yoga and sound. He recently completed his yoga training and is now teaching individual and group classes, mixing in his knowledge of sound therapy.

Matt now focuses on harnessing the energetic powers of sound, frequency and music to help others overcome their obstacles.

Matt studied and received his Sound Therapy Certificate from the Globe Institute of Recording and Production, where he was taught by the top instructors in the field.

He is very passionate about helping others and wants to show people how they can make a difference within themselves, finding new pathways to a better fulfilled, creative life using the energy of sound and yoga.

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