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Group sessions and workshops are hosted at various venues and online. These sessions offer an engaging experience and support from a community who are exploring the same avenues to creativity, wellness and joy.

GROUPS & WORKSHOPS / TEAM COHERANCE For business and team building

Cultivating appreciation fosters team coherence, harmonious relationships and a happier, more productive work environment. An estimated 70% of workplace mistakes can be tracked back to problems in communications. Using HeartMath breathing techniques and vibroacoustics we teach you how to create coherent communication between team members.

​Benefits of coherent communication:
  • Creates more harmonious interactions.
  • Reduce stress, drama, and energy drains.
  • Foster mutual respect and trust.
  • Promotes effective provider-client collaboration and shared decision making.
  • Reduces misunderstanding and misinterpretations that lead to errors.
  • Meetings go better; team coordination is improved when you can clarify what was heard and what was meant.
  • Communicate calmly and without blaming.
  • Aligns team members.
  • Coherence facilitates cognition activities – better solutions to difficult problems..
  • Teams who have better team dynamics and trust have better outcomes.

Sessions begin with a group mediation and breathing instruction. Then simply relax and enjoy a connecting meditation on the sound table.

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Have us set up our Vibroacoustic Sound Table in the comfort of your own home. Parties must consist of 4 or more people and cost a fraction of a private session. It includes a Voice Analysis on everyone participating so we ensure you are receiving the proper sound nutrients your body requires. Then each will enjoy a 30 minute session on the sound table.

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The sessions can accommodate a wide range of sizes and are designed for adults and teens. They have been created to teach you the power of your voice. The group participates in multiple exercises using only their voice. This is effective for adults and children who may be seeking a release of anxiety, depression and any forms of energy blocks within the body. Expect to feel more rejuvenated, present, bouncy, playful and creative.

These fun, silly and energy releasing exercises help us tap into our body and bring back expressive and emotional power to our voice. If you are constantly questioning yourself, rather than trusting your instinct, it’s impossible to be spontaneous, which is deeply connected to creative freedom.

These group sessions connect us back to our heart, back to our creative and inspired selves.

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The Holistcally Clear the Clutter Experience.
Improve your health and create more of what you want!

The first step to making change is getting rid of the old to make space for the new. Continued practice will reduce feelings of overwhelm and anxiety by allowing flow and a feeling of lightness. This 30 day group program focuses on establishing beneficial techniques to clear the clutter holistically and improve your overall experience of life.

Week 1 - Environment
Week 2 - Body
Week 3 - Mind
Week 4 - Soul

Weekly live discussions set the intention and provide any tips or resources that may be supportive for your success.

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Contact us for additional topics, custom workshops and speaking engagements.

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This class is currently offered online. Classes are multiple times a week. Please contact for latest schedule.

This traditional yoga class focused on balancing the mind and strengthening the body. It is taught in a classical hatha yoga format that originated in India more than 2000 years ago. We introduce you to pranayama practice developing our breathing techniques. We then practice our asanas (postures), helping stretch, and cleanse the body, creating energy and bodily flow.

Throughout the class we include light vocal sounds and bija mantras derived from Hinduism and Qi Gong that heighten the vibrations in our body helping us tune into ourselves a bit deeper and keeping us in the present moment.

Strengthen your body each week, pushing your moves a little bit further, holding positions a little bit longer and dialing into your body a little bit deeper. Whether this is your first class or you're advanced, modifications can be made for everyone.

With a regular practice you will begin to see and feel a sense of calm and collectiveness throughout your day and begin to feel balance and strength within your physical body.

Classes are 1 Hour in length.

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