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These programs are designed with the child in mind and were created to help them be their true self. Whether a child is dealing with stress, anxiety, pain, ADD or ADHD, children love to play and be creative. With these programs and sessions children learn how to embrace the kid within and are taught how to release energy through sound and use their voice as an empowering tool to self heal and grow with confidence.


The children voice empowerment program is a one on one program aimed to help children and teens find the joy and love within themselves. Stress, anxiety and depression are on the rise in children. If not shown how to release it or express it, the feelings build and come out in anger, frustration, pain and possibly misdiagnosed conditions.

The program is taught in a fun and related manner that teaches them the power, courage and love they have within and how important it is to express it.

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KIDS / VOCAL & SOUND Group Sessions & Workshops

The children group sessions are customized to fit your event. We teach kids of all ages how to use the voice to detach themselves from the ego. Reducing fear and anxiety, bringing forth the courage they hold within themselves.

All exercise are interactive, fun and playful bringing out the lighter side of life.

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Kids / Testimonials

"My daughter struggled to speak her truth, lacked in confidence and absorbed negativity to the point her body was collapsing and sick for almost 2 years. I tried everything, changing her diet, connecting with a naturopath, worked with her doctor, who referred us to specialists, nothing seemed to work.

The moment I decided to sign her up with Inner Sound, was the minute our lives changed forever. Matt and Crystal created a warm, safe environment for my daughter to find her voice. Every week they gently peeled back another layer that trapped my daughter and released her negativity, until she was balanced and feeling confident and light.

​Matt and Crystal made it fun, there was no judgement and best of all it gave my daughter the confidence she needed to speak her truth. It changed our whole family to vibrate on a higher frequency and remind ourselves to work out of love and find the courage ans strength to vibrate our inner voice and truth outwards in the most profound and positive ways.

​Thank you for giving my daughter the gifts and tools you equipped her with to find herself again, healing her body, connecting us again and changing our lives forever. I highly recommend working with Matt and Crystal at Inner Sound! Thank you.

━ Ashley (Mother)