In-Tune to You

  • Re-connect to you
  • Find your creative potential
  • Increase health and well-being
  • Improved perception of life
  • Step away from your ego
  • Increase joy and happiness

90 Day Transformation

  • Make you a priority
  • Create sustainable healthy habits
  • Breakthrough mental barriers
  • Alleviate stress and overwhelm
  • Nourish your individual body
  • Balance life without deprivation

6-Week Life Balance

  • Overcome obstacles
  • Level up your goals
  • Improve productivity
  • Maintain health and wellness
  • Increase energy
  • Growth and abundance

Voice Empowerment

  • Release blockages
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Increase confidence
  • Speak your truth
  • Challenge your ego
  • Enhance self love

Yoga Enlightenment

  • Regulate stress and anxiety
  • Improve strength and flexibility
  • Better sense of self
  • Cultivate calm and relaxation
  • Release energy blockages
  • Feel love, purpose and joy


  • Weight management
  • Improve cognitive function
  • Increase energy
  • Curb cravings
  • Balance blood sugar
  • Healthy sustainable habits

PROGRAM / IN-TUNE TO YOU Redefine your life!

The 8 sessions of the 90 Day Program include a combination of sound therapy sessions and health and nutrition coaching. These two techniques provide a variety of methods, exercises and modalities to help you get more in-tune with the thoughts, feelings and emotions that guide you to your everyday choices. Training your body to release stuck emotions and re-tuning dis-ease through sound, vibration and intention creates homeostasis within the body allowing for natural healing. The program will empower you to be the leading authority of your health and body, and will increase your confidence in knowing exactly what your body needs and how to provide it.

Health Begins Here

  • This 90 day program includes 8 sessions in studio and 4 email sessions.
  • Each studio session will include sound treatments and coaching. Studio sessions will be weekly for the first 4 sessions, then bi-weekly for the remaining 4 sessions.
  • Throughout the program you will complete 3 VAH assessments.
  • Optional: additional vibroacoustic sessions anytime throughout the program $20 (discounted program rate).

Program Offers

  • Holistic Health Coaching
  • Sound Therapy Treatments
  • Voice Analysis Harmony Assessments (VAH)
  • Vibroacoustic Therapy (VAT)
  • Breath Work
  • Meditations
  • HRV Monitoring (Brain and Heart Coherence)
  • Curated Information & Resources
  • Accountability & Support
  • Program Workbook

Price: $1,999 $999 (Limited time offer)

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Session 1-3:

Build intuition and start to recognize the signals of the body.

This is a crucial part of setting a foundation for sustained results. These sessions allow you to create clarity and awareness around what you’re currently experiencing.

Session 4:

Learn to recognize self-sabotage and release stuck emotions.

All clients fall of track at some point in the program and that’s okay! You will learn to recognize when this is about to happen.

Session 5-6:

Manage stress, step into your personal power and adopt nourishing habits.

Learn to manage and reduce stress to improve recurring health issues. Address underlying causes of what needs to be nourished. You will also acknowledge and re-frame any negative thoughts that could be keeping you from living your best life. Your story creates your biology.

Session 7-8:

A new baseline. It’s time to dream bigger!

By now you will have created a new baseline of being. Whether you’ve completely crushed your original goal, or found some new ones along the way, by now you are thinking and doing things differently. We will celebrate all your accomplishments over the last 90 days and encourage you to dream bigger!

Email Coaching Sessions:

Stretch an additional 1%.
Support, accountability and STRETCH are everything when you are striving for the highest version of yourself!


Through private one-on-one coaching sessions, we uncover what’s been stopping you, slowing you down or keeping you from having the health and the life you want.

This program empowers you to be the leading authority in your health and body, by developing your inner genius. Providing you with increased confidence in knowing exactly what your body is truly calling for.

Support, accountability, and STRENGTH are everything when you are striving for the best version of yourself through optimal health. The 90-day program focuses on the transformational journey of connecting to your authentic self to experience wellness and joy.

This program runs for 12 weeks with one session each week.

* the amount of information and coaching varies based on program selection and client’s individual goals.

Program Offers

  • Initial Discovery Session
  • Support and accountability
  • Curated information for your specific health goals
  • Tips to help you stay on track
  • An understanding of food and nutrition
  • An awareness of what your body is truly calling for
  • Supplement recommendations
  • Exercise and movement advice
  • Holistic modalities including meditation, breath work, visualizations, affirmations, etc.
  • Healthy habits that are sustainable, easy and fun!

Price: $1,555

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PROGRAM / 6 WEEK LIFE BALANCE Reclaim your life!

The 6 Week Life Balance Program is perfect if you are ready to overcome a challenge or you want to “level up” and need some extra support and guidance.

Private one-on-one coaching sessions focus on how you want to be experiencing life. Together we create intentional actions to breakthrough any barriers that are holding you back or keeping you feeling trapped.

This program will have you feeling confident in your clarity and actions to create the balanced life and health you deserve. Allowing for more productivity, increased energy, better health, more fun, and overall happiness!

This program runs for 6 weeks with one session each week.

*the amount of information and coaching varies based on client’s individual goals.

Program Offers

  • Initial Discovery Session
  • Support & accountability
  • Curated information for your specific goals
  • Clarity around how you want to be experiencing life
  • Tips to help you stay on track
  • Holistic modalities including breath work, visualization, affirmations, etc.
  • Empowered actions that create space and allow for optimal growth and balance.

Price: $777

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The voice is our internal message to our external environment.

We begin to lose our full embodied voice when we give our power away, through conditioning or stressful events. Piece by piece we begin to shy away, creating subconscious blockages and negative circumstances.

When under stress we speak from the head, literally, in a higher pitch with the sound and pressure forced from the throat and above. Through times of stress we begin to train ourselves to speak through our head on a daily basis, making ego based decisions. Not speaking from the heart in a full body voice, we begin to lose confidence, presence within conversations, expressing our opinions, our feelings and create anxiety turning on the “fight or flight” response.

Learn how to find your enthusiasm for life and connect to yourself and the world.

Program Offers

  • Release attachment to ego
  • Build confidence
  • Remove mental and physical blockages
  • Speak with a full embodied voice
  • Speak from the heart
  • Find your soul note
  • Use your voice for self healing
  • Tap into your creative being

Price: $ varies

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This is a private program for individuals who seek one on one training. It is designed to step you through a powerful transformation. This program uses breathing techniques (pranayama), yoga poses (asanas) and mantras to help take your life to the next level.

This traditional yoga program focuses on balancing the mind and strengthening the body. It is taught in a classical hatha yoga format that originated in India more than 2000 years ago. We work on pranayama practice developing our breathing techniques, that balance the autonomic nervous system, helping control stress within the body. We then practice our Yoga poses, or Asanas. These postures and moves stretch, and cleanse the body, creating energy and bodily flow. Strengthen your body each week, pushing your moves a little bit further, holding positions a little bit longer and dialing into your body a little bit deeper.

These practices are tailored to the individuals experience, from beginner to advanced, even if it’s your first time. With a regular practice you will begin to see and feel a sense of calm and collectiveness throughout your day and begin to feel balance and strength within your physical body.

Program Offers

  • Learn breathing techniques to balance your autonomic nervous system
  • Strengthen and stretch your body through Asana practices
  • Challenge yourself for improvement
  • Coaching, support and accountability
  • Morning practices and rituals
  • Mantras and vocal toning

Price: $777

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Cleansing isn’t about drastic changes, frequent bathroom trips and unrealistic eating habits. It’s about providing the best nutrition while establishing an awareness of your body and what it needs to thrive.

Though your body is extremely capable of detoxing on its own, sometimes the systems and organs become overworked and bogged down with toxins, stress, chemicals, emotions, and inflammation due to certain lifestyle choices.

The cleanse is a time to rest and repair. It’s as simple as respecting your body each day through self-care, movement, quality sleep, low-glycemic whole foods and the highest quality micro and macro nutrients.

Introduce some healthy habits that nourish your body holistically, and you will definitely experience feeling lighter, less bloated, more energy, improved cognitive function, reduced aches and pains, curbed cravings, balanced blood sugar and so much more.

​This program begins with a 5 Day RESET followed by 28 Days to Transform.

Initial Clarity Session

  • Guide book including recipes and resources
  • 5 Day RESET Kit
  • 3 bags of Nutrimeal
  • HealthPak
  • 2 boxes of probiotics
  • 2 private 1:1 coaching calls
  • Support & accountability
  • Awareness of what foods are best for your individual body
  • Healthy sustainable habits that last

Price: $341 + shipping & HST

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Programs / Testimonials

“I was at a stage in my life where I thought it was time to start working on self improvement. Matt and Crystal’s 90 Day (In-Tune To You) Program managed to reconnect me with my inner creator - something that I hadn’t been in tune with for a number of years.

Crystal’s coaching helped me to better myself in a number of areas, while Matt’s sound program had tremendous benefits on my physical and mental health. Crystal was very patient with me in our coaching sessions, and her feedback was always honest.

Sound therapy with Matt is definitely something that breaks you from your comfort zone, but what was great was there was never any judgement from Matt - just love, guidance and encouragement. Sessions on the sound bed helped alleviate soreness from an old sports injury to my neck.

I cannot put into words how deeply grateful I am to the both them for helping me rediscover my zest for creating art. Thank you for everything!"

━ Brandon (filmmaker)