Studies & Research Papers

Studies & Research Papers

The Effects of Vibroacoustic Therapy on Clinical and Non-Clinical Populations – Tony Wigram

Effects of vibroacoustic music on challenging behaviors in individuals with autism and developmental disabilities – Lars-Olov Lundqvist a,b, *, Gunilla Andersson a,c , Jane Viding a,c

Vibroacoustic Therapy: Sound Vibrations in Medicine – Chris Boyd-Brewer

Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy: Case Studies with Children with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties and the Elderly in Long-Term Residential Care – Phil Ellis

The Effects of Vibroacoustic Music on Symptom Reduction Inducing the Relaxation Response through Good Vibrations – Dr. George Patrick

Study on Release Sleep Disturbance with Vibroacoustic Therapy – Jing Kong; Wei Liu; Biao Han

Good Vibrations: Using sound to treat disease – University Of Toronto

VibroAcoustic Therapy – Olav Skille

The Power of Sound – Joshua Leeds. published by Healing Arts Press

Good Vibrations – NASA

Socialcultural Context Of Body Dissatisfaction And Possibilities Of Vibroacoustic Therapy In Diminishing Body Dissatisfaction – Eha Ruutel

Cutaneous Grooves: Composing for the Sense of Touch – Eric Gunther, Glorianna Davenport, Sile O’Modhrain

Statement From Professor Tony Wigram On The Importance Of Music Therapy For People With Rett Syndrome – Rett Syndrome Association UK

Feel-in-Touch!: Imagination through Vibration – Oguzhan Ozcan

The Islamic Science of Sound – Hwaa Irfan

Vibro-Acoustic Tissue Mammography – Mostafa Fatemi*, Member, IEEE, Lester E. Wold, Azra Alizad, and James F. Greenleaf, Fellow, IEEE

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