“I was at a stage in my life where I thought it was time to start working on self improvement. Matt and Crystal’s 90 Day (In-Tune To You) Program managed to reconnect me with my inner creator – something that I hadn’t been in tune with for a number of years.Crystal’s coaching helped me to better myself in a number of areas, while Matt’s sound program had tremendous benefits on my physical and mental health. Crystal was very patient with me in our coaching sessions, and her feedback was always honest.Sound therapy with Matt is definitely something that breaks you from your comfort zone, but what was great was there was never any judgement from Matt – just love, guidance and encouragement. Sessions on the sound bed helped alleviate soreness from an old sports injury to my neck.I cannot put into words how deeply grateful I am to the both them for helping me rediscover my zest for creating art. Thank you for everything!”


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